Ball Horticultural Company, Innovation Center

Ball Horticultural Company, Innovation Center

Featherstone completed delivery of the new Innovation Center to Ball Horticultural Company in February, 2021, two months ahead of schedule. Many items were added to the original scope; and, yet, the project will still come in under budget and ahead of schedule. Included in the added scope of work was the complete renovation of the cafeteria which was completed at the end of March.

Ball Horticultural Company is investing in new construction to house the Ball Helix Central Research and Development team on its West Chicago campus. This new space, designed by the Christner Architects, will be home to custom-designed laboratories housing molecular biology, plant pathology, tissue culture, cellular biology, computational biology and molecular marker development and generous meeting and team collaboration spaces.  Creating state-of-the-art research and development laboratories for the R&D team at Ball Helix will enable the development of industry-leading innovations in flower and vegetable product development.

With exterior framing and roof complete, underground utility installations begin.
Floor penetrations are complete, and preparation for the concrete floor is performed.
Room framing begins.
Adding the Pathology Greenhouse.
Ready for exterior glass installation.
Solatubes add natural lighting and energy savings.
Landscape plantings in progress.
Molecular Biology Room glass and drywall are complete.
New parking lot preparation work is complete. Asphalt installation to be performed when Mother Nature cooperates.
Looking through, what will be the new Boardroom, to the new landscaping outside.
New Pathology Greenhouse framing is complete.
Cabinet setting and ceiling installation begins in the Molecular Biology Room.
Work performed on the new Innovation Center starts pretty early in the morning.
Carpet and lighting installed in the open office area.
The new Library well on its way to completion.
New Ball Sign on the southwest corner.
Cell Bio Room nears completion.
Director’s Offices ready for move-in.
The new Pathology Greenhouse in the early morning.
Library at completion.
Zone 2 of the Pathology Greenhouse.
Growth Chambers ready for operation.
One large conference room that can be divided into three rooms.
Board Room
July 9, 2021
7.21.21 – the new Library and Plant Pathology Greenhouse.
7.21.21 – Landscaping from the outside entrance to the Library.
Landscaping and outdoor seating area.
From Tissue Culture Room to the open office space.
West wall is complete.
Curved glass is installed.
Pathology Greenhouse framing continues.
The Tissue Culture area framing is complete, and the ceiling and cabinet install begins.
Glass work is complete, and cabinet installations start in the Plant Pathology Room.
Corridor between the Tissue Culture Room to your left and the open office space to your right.
With the project under budget, the renovation of the cafeteria is added to the project.
Plant Pathology Room equipment in place.
Reception area in progress.
Equipment installations in the Molecular Biology Room.
Growth Chamber installations taking place.
Office partition installations begin in the open office area.
Growth Chamber HVACR work underway.
Media Prep Storage Room only days away from completion.
From the open space offices looking toward Plant Pathology.

Outside Entrance to the Innovation Center.
Tissue Culture area ready for equipment to be installed.
The new Reception Area.
July 9, 2021 – Outside the new Plant Pathology and Plant Pathology Greenhouse.
7.23.21 – With money saved on the construction of the new Innovation Center, Featherstone was able to deliver two, new, parking lots for Ball Horticultural Company. This one is near the new Innovation Center.

This new parking lot is near the entrance off Route 38 (Roosevelt Road). Both parking lots were delivered in time for their “Customer Days” on July 28 – 30.

Growth chambers.
Molecular Biology
Outdoor seating area.

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