Ball Horticultural Company, Innovation Center

Ball Horticultural Company, Innovation Center

Featherstone completed delivery of the new Innovation Center to Ball Horticultural Company in February, 2021, two months ahead of schedule. Many items were added to the original scope; and, yet, the project will still come in under budget and ahead of schedule. Included in the added scope of work was the complete renovation of the cafeteria which was completed at the end of March.

Ball Horticultural Company is investing in new construction to house the Ball Helix Central Research and Development team on its West Chicago campus. This new space, designed by the Christner Architects, will be home to custom-designed laboratories housing molecular biology, plant pathology, tissue culture, cellular biology, computational biology and molecular marker development and generous meeting and team collaboration spaces.  Creating state-of-the-art research and development laboratories for the R&D team at Ball Helix will enable the development of industry-leading innovations in flower and vegetable product development.

Southwest – Innovation Center
Cell Bio Room
Office Space
Pathology Greenhouse
Growth Chambers
Conference Rooms
Board Room
Outside Innovation Center Landscaping
Outside Innovation Center’s Library
Outside Innovation Center Landscaping
Landscaping and Outside Seating Area
Plant Pathology Room
Molecular Biology Room
Office Space

Innovation Center Curtainwall
Tissue Culture
Reception Area
Outside Greenhouse and Innovation Center
Growth Chambers
Molecular Biology Area
Outside Seating Area
Tissue Culture Room

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