Cantigny Park, Project New Leaf – Phase 2

Cantigny Park, Project New Leaf – Phase 2

Project New Leaf, funded by the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, is a five-year multi-phase revitalization effort aimed at delivering a superior guest experience for Cantigny’s nearly 400,000 annual visitors and ensuring the park’s vitality for future generations.

Phase 2 improvements are focused on the redevelopment of the gardens and infrastructure improvements located east of the Visitor Center and south of the Robert McCormick Museum.  Improvements within this phase will include;

  • The New Visitor Center Patio and Lawn Renovation near LJ Restaurant
  • The Green Garden Renovation
  • The Octagon Garden Renovation
  • The Visitor Center East Lawn and Plaza Renovation near the East Entrance
  • The North and South Scallop Garden Renovations
  • The Fountain Plaza and Connector Path between the Visitor Center and the Allee
  • The South Grove
  • The Dry Garden Renovation
  • The Allee Renovation
  • The Prairie View
  • The Little Farm Stormwater Facilities
  • The Pump House Renovation
  • The World Trade Center Exhibit at the First Division Museum grounds
  • The First Division Memorials

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