Crystal Lake Public Library – Phase II Renovation

Crystal Lake Public Library – Phase II Renovation

The Library has turned its attention to preserving their building by implementing building envelope improvements, aging mechanical system replacements to improve indoor air quality, adding a drive-up window to facilitate and improve interaction with the public, and miscellaneous interior architectural upgrades to enhance the patrons experience in utilizing the communities treasured resource.

12.29.20 – Before renovation work can begin, great care is taken to see that the Library’s valuable resources won’t be affected.
1.7.21 – Opening made for new drive-up window station.
1.21.21 – Framing for the new rooms on the 1st floor has begun.
2.9.21 – Renovation of the stairwell connecting the lower level to the main level is ready to safely begin.
2.27.21 – Replacement of a Air Handling Unit is performed.
3.3.21 – Carpet installation has started on the lower level.
3.30.21 – Sidewalk removal to make way for drive-up window driveway to be installed.
3.31.21 – Adult Work Room Nears Completion.
Construction literally hit a brick wall in early April when workers attempted to install steel piers intended to support the new retaining wall and drive-up service lane. Engineers studied the problem and found a way to work around the obstacle. The wall – possibly a foundation for an old farm structure – delayed completion of the drive-up lane by one to two weeks.
Mason completing the installation of the exterior book drop.
April 2021 – Forming the retaining wall for the new book drop drive through.
Land build-up and support has been completed to provide circular drive for drive-up window installation.
Drive-up window build-out for book drop and pick-up nears completion.
Drive-up book drop-off area driveway nearing completion

1.5.21 – demolition is underway.
1.20.21 – Structural steel being lifted to the roof.
2.3.21 – Framing on the lower level begins.

2.16.21 – Replacement of the lighting and ceiling of the stairwell leading from the lower level to the main level is complete.
3.1.21 – Cabinet and countertop installations have begun.
3.12.21 – Performing underground drain line work.
3.30.21 – Furniture delivered to the Youth Work Room.
4.1.21 – Property development work ready for new drive-up window driveway and landscaping to be installed.

Installation of the helical piers. Each pier is going down 25′ for proper bearing.
Pouring the footing for the new retaining wall.
New entryway concrete pour,
April, 2021 – the new automated materials handling system has been installed. Patrons will insert their materials into the slot, and the AMH will automatically record the items as returned.
New self-check out machines installed. The machines replaced outdated checkouts that could no longer be serviced.
New Youth Services area. The shelves are lower and forward-facing, making it easier for younger patrons to search for books.
Facade repairs.
June, 2021 – The new drive-up service window and return drop nears completion.

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