Kenosha County, Wisconsin – Veterans Memorial Park Development

Kenosha County, Wisconsin – Veterans Memorial Park Development

Featherstone has the pleasure of delivering this year’s development that includes a new parkway, honor plaza, flag walk, and expansion of additional multi-use trails to honor the local military and Veteran’s community. Construction will conclude in the Fall of 2021.

Kenosha County Veterans Memorial Park, a former gravel quarry, encompasses 335 acres of land on a 39-acre lake and is in the process of being developed with an emphasis on sustainable living education and recreation.  The master plan highlights the importance of creating a sustainable living park that emphasizes environmentally conscious planning, development, and maintenance of the park.

May, 2021 – Site development work
Clearing for additional multi-use trails.
Development of the new Honor Plaza.
Aerial View of construction for the new Honor Plaza.
New trails constructed to connect existing trails.
Topsoil for the bioswales near the Honor Plaza.
July 16, 2021 – Stone wall of Flag Walk Hill.
New parkway construction.
Multi-use trail development.
Construction of miles of multi-use trails.
Honor Plaza display foundations being poured.
Walkway around Community Lawn.

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