Crystal Lake Public Library


Crystal Lake Public Library

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Project Scope

The Crystal Lake Public Library engaged Featherstone, Inc. in 2006 after a failed referendum to complete $2,400,000 of interior renovations which was completed without interruption to on-going daily activities. Featherstone acted as trusted client advisor to the Library staff through multiple projects over the years including lighting upgrades, roof replacements, and most recently after yet another failed referendum, the renovation of the building envelope and a book drop addition in 2020. 

2006 Library Renovation 

2007 Roof Replacement 

2008 Interior Lightening Modifications 

2020 Library Renovation and Addition


Crystal Lake Public Library
126 Paddock Street
Crystal Lake, IL 60014-6126


Ms. Karen Migaldi
Assistant Director
(815) 526-5103

The Featherstone Difference

After several failed referendums, and a tight operating budget with rising maintenance costs, the library was charged with putting a plan into place that would provide the much needed improvements to support the community while the library worked to reposition itself for another referendum within 5 years.  Working closely with Engberg Anderson Architects, Featherstone was brought on board to develop an extensive list of project needs with associated costs to help define the priorities, while maximizing the limited library funds towards the priority improvements.  With every dollar accounted for, there were not fund to support all of the required moving expenses that go along with library renovation while maintaining community access.  Featherstone developed a simple efficient solution to complete the renovation project in less than 1 year while maintaining the visitor’s experience during the entire project.  Cost savings from the project were also utilized to include roof and parking lot improvements that although important, were lower on the priority list.  Well after 7 years and yet another failed referendum, Featherstone was enlisted to work alongside Engberg Anderson Architects once again to prepare a series of feasibility studies with full cost opinions to help the library define their next course of action to continue to serve the community with limited resources.  The library raised their own funds and the Featherstone team once again maximized their budget in providing the needed improvements and help reduce operation costs of the library.

Category: Total Building Renovation

Budget: $2,400,000

Our project involved phasing, required multiple closures, and moves based on a strict predetermined timeline. Featherstone made sure we came in on budget and on time. In fact, we did so well with the money management that we were able to add another improvement to our project at the end.

– Kathryn I. Martens
Library Director

Featherstone Facts

Average Bid to Build Variance -3.11%,
Average Value for Fee at 145%
Last 5 years – 5 Fabulous Parks
Last 5 years – 5 Fantastic Libraries
Multiple, Decades-Longstanding, Client Relationships – The Morton Arboretum, Chicago Botanic Garden, Brookfield Zoo, the Wauconda Public Library, The Schaumburg Township District Library