The Morton Arboretum, Curatorial Center


Curatorial Center

Lisle, Illinois


9-acre site with 85,000 sf of New Construction 


Project Scope

Complete redevelopment of TMA maintenance complex and educational offices, including plant production facilities, greenhouses, maintenance shops, meeting rooms, offices, storage and vehicle storage space, plant propagation rooms and a soil storage barn. 


The Morton Arboretum
4100 Illinois Route 53
Lisle, IL 60532


Kris Bachtell
Vice President of Collections
and Facilities

The Featherstone Difference

Featherstone evaluated the programs along with TMA’s on-going operational needs. The scope of development and phasing strategy was determined by a thorough analysis of alternatives pricing, staffing patterns, and the evaluation of the geography of a tight, occupied site. A series of enabling projects and tandem projects were identified that could allow for the progression of the construction program. Featherstone brought unity to multiple projects, and influenced the layout of those operational components, to minimize disruption and maintain safety, with the separation of public, client staff, and construction activities.  

The Featherstone team understands that design implementation as they just don’t just see the vision, but also all the moving parts of construction. By minimizing the moves with a good phasing plan and sequencing strategy for the trades, Featherstone’s team helped TMA preserve their capital improvement budget. The design solution of an engineered building for the Vehicle Storage Building, along with temporary utilities, meant that the Arboretum’s staff had much-needed swingspace during construction. The expedited delivery allowed TMA to book their annual gala to be held in the Vehicle Storage Building, while concrete was still being poured, with the confidence that Featherstone would get it done in time for their big event 

Category: New Construction

Budget: $20,000,000

Their leadership in construction management has been instrumental in helping us set realistic goals during the design process. They manage the budget during construction with the utmost care.

– Kris Bachtell
The Morton Arboretum

Featherstone Facts

Average Bid to Build Variance -3.11%,
Average Value for Fee at 145%
Last 5 years – 5 Fabulous Parks
Last 5 years – 5 Fantastic Libraries
Multiple, Decades-Longstanding, Client Relationships – The Morton Arboretum, Chicago Botanic Garden, Brookfield Zoo, the Wauconda Public Library, The Schaumburg Township District Library